Sunday 23 October 2022

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How to file application for Customs Broker Licence

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Friday 27 August 2021

Customs Broker/CBLR Regulation 6 /CHA/F-Card Exam Notification Published by CBIC

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CBIC has published notification for Customs Broker/CBLR Regulation 6 /CHA/F-Card Exam , However all the commissionerates will publish their own notifications with their specif documents requirements with application forms, you need to check those notifications seperately sothat your exam will be complete in all respect.

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Friday 5 June 2020

What to Read for Customs Broker Exam Preparation

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The Syllabus of Customs Broker Rule 6 Exam is so vast that the full syllabus can not be covered at a time. You should not only prepare hard but prepare smartly to get success in the examination. Below suggestions are syllabus vs what you should read for Customs Broker Exam actually.

On the very first meeting or first call everybody want to know what should they read to get success in the examination. I want to make it clear that there is no perfect guide or book , which only can lead you toward success in any competitive exam,  and specially in Customs Broker Rule 6 exam. Why  you need to have a teacher is , he can guide you properly from where you should need to read what.

There are Acts, then Rules and Regulations made there under, Allied Act, Foreign Trade Policy, Circulars, different types of Notifications, Then Trade Practices. Here I will guide you what you should need to read from where to get the success. Success mantra lies in deep understanding of the provisions and their implications in day to day business . Here is a list of must read items:

1.       The Customs Act 1962 (Better to have Universal Publications latest Customs Act.- I am not their Sales representative though)

2.       Foreign Trade Policy read with Handbook of procedures ( Specially Export Promotion Schemes.  you can download from DGFT website if you need one)

3.       Customs Tariff Act 1975

4.       CB LR 2018

5.       Baggage Rules 2016

6.       Major Provisions of item wise Export and Import policy

7.    All the allied Acts so far as relevant to export import business; else these acts will consume all your time and you will not have any thing in your hands.

8.       Learn to prepare to file Bill of Entry and Shipping Bills

9.       Export Import by Courier and Post

10.   Procedure of Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill, Baggage

11.   These are the basic things you should know to have prepare for basics of Customs Broker Exam.

Follow me, I will suggest you from where you can arrange all these stuff. Happy Preparation. We train people to prepare smartly in right direction. 

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